Our Friends
Partnerships help us multiply our efforts far beyond what we could accomplish on our own. They also give us opportunities to join and support important local, national and international movements.​

Local partners

  • Broomfield Clergy Network --- Several of our leaders meet regularly with other local ministers to get to know each other, to advocate for things like affordable housing and to offer "moments of blessing" when members of our community experience tragedy or loss.
  • Broomfield Community Services Network (BCSN) --- This informal group of county social workers, area clergy and non-profit leaders has been gathering each month for many years. We regularly refer our friends and neighbors to these agencies for help with a host of life challenges.
  • Broomfield Housing Opportunity Coalition --- This initiative represents faith communities, nonprofits, businesses and local government leaders who recognize our need to expand and sustain a spectrum of affordable housing options for all those who call Broomfield home.
  • Casa de Paz --- This non-profit founded by Sarah Jackson in 2012 offers hospitality to families affected by immigrant detention.
  • Interfaith Alliance of Colorado --- The Interfaith Alliance organizes people of faith to help uphold and contribute to diversity, respect, justice, and opportunity for all people regardless of their faith or creed.
  • Mile High Ministries --- Several times each year, we host and serve dinner for families at Joshua Station, a transitional housing program that helps families move from homelessness to stable housing and self-sufficiency. We also partner with Mile High's Justice and Mercy Legal Aid Clinic (JAMLAC), which provides legal services to women and families affected by poverty, domestic violence and oppression.
  • North Metro Sanctuary Network --- This informal network of advocates supports local, undocumented neighbors who were born in other countries.
  • School of Life --- For many years, our friend Phyllis Mathis has hosted monthly "School of Life" skills training seminars at the Refuge. 
  • Single Moms Unite (SMU) --- Together with Discovery Church, Holy Comforter Episcopal Church, Nativity of Our Lord Catholic Church and Holy Trinity Anglican Church, we maintain a supportive group for single moms and their children. SMU meets at The Refuge one Saturday morning each month, and holds special events and gatherings throughout the year.
  • Together Colorado --- This non-partisan, multi-racial, multi-faith group focuses on community organizing around issues of human dignity. ​

Friends Outside Colorado

  • Beirut and Beyond --- Suzann Mollner works on-the-ground in the Middle East, in particular in Palestinian refugee camps, to promote reconciliation, relationships and relief.
  • Harrison Family --- Refuge members Duane and Joanna Harrison and their three kids are currently serving in Peru with Eastern Mennonite Missions.
  • H2O International --- Long-time Refuge member Dave Reierson travels the world to build wells (and to train locals to maintain and repair them) for communities in need of clean water. 
  • Ingrid Schneider --- Ingrid lives in the Denver area, but has for many years served and maintained relationships with Oglala Lakota friends at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. 

national affiliations

  • National Association for Christian Recovery (NACR) --- The NACR helps the Christian community become a safer and more helpful place for people struggling with the most difficult of life's problems.
  • Christians for Biblical Equality (CBE) --- This non-profit organization affirms and promotes the biblical truth that all believers—without regard to gender, ethnicity or class—must exercise their God-given gifts with equal authority and equal responsibility in church, home and world.​